zAppDev straddles a software development paradigm – agile build through modeling – to get the best of both worlds.  We call it Agile Plus.

Unique Technology

zAppDev allows an enterprise to build applications from the ground up, driven by business processes. These are turned into models that you design with visual editors to accurately capture critical business information in terms of data, logic, processes and UI elements.

Key Benefits


Business leaders, analysts, coders and clients work together in a collaborative environment – client input is earlier, cycles complete faster.


Narrows the gap between your business model and the completed code with no “translation loss”.


 Coders are freed up to concentrate on higher level work across a larger number of projects, without loosing control over the code.


Automatic code means fast and consistent code. Code can be manually edited if desired. This reduces reliance on any individual coders.


Generated applications are “fully portable” – they don’t need zAppDev to run. This means no ongoing commitment.


zAppDev efficiencies are magnified during maintenance and upgrade – make changes to the models, don’t rewrite the code.

How it Works

3 min Demonstration

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Design your applications with integrated visual editors; accurately capture critical business information in terms of data, logic and processes with models – everything else flows from the models. There are unlimited design capabilities – design the application that meet your business exactly.
zAppDev provides an instant implementation strategy; it  automatically collates architectural styles, design patterns, libraries and technologies - the backbone of your Application.
 32Px-352UI DESIGN
Models in place, zAppDev compiles information to automate the creation of basic user interfaces. These can be upgraded and refined, visually, and for behavior and functionality, with drag and drop tools for a total What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get effect.
32Px-352 CODE
Low-level code is automatically generated with a single click. Enjoy consistency throughout the code, and the ability to track and monitor your builds. You can access, review and tailor the output at any time and at any level of detail, so you have full control over the generated artifacts.
32Px-352 TESTING
zAppDev runs automated bug tests and issue detailed reports; you can use it to make the fixes or follow guidance to amend yourself, at either the model or the code level.
The environment is web-based secure place for multiple users to work together. zAppDev makes sure that they’re all in sync and tracks their activity. Your clients can access the build alongside the developers, meaning that client testing takes place much earlier.
Documentation is also automatically generated with a single click. You always have consistent, updated documentation – of sufficient detail and quality that it would allow a 3rd party to completely replicate the application from scratch, even without zAppdev – it contains all the technical details required.
The generated application is yours to take away – the IP is yours, and the generated application can run on any server. With zAppDev there is no ongoing tie in or commitment.
Use zAppDev at upgrade and for maintenance; you will see efficiencies approaching 90%. Changes can be made automatically through the implementation strategy, or manually by tweaking the models. You do not have to review and rewrite code. 

Onboarding and Training

  • No specific software is required to use zAppDev, other than a standard web browser.
  • Users benefit from having a basic database fluency and object orientated design proficiency.
  • Online training is available, with additional tutoring available face to face or online.
  • Regardless, a novice user can achieve advance used in thirty hours of training.


  • Users can engage with zAppDev’s user community and search our constantly expanding online knowledge database.
  • They can also contact our in-house support team by ticketed email, live chat or telephone.
  • For advanced requirements, such as business modeling consultancy, we offer global on site support, or the option to build in association with CLMS.


For projects requiring a faster start, or if your company is not yet ready to work with zAppDev in house, you can achieve all the benefits of a zAppDev build by outsourcing your development to CLMS Services to implement a zAppDev build on your behalf. You can also achieve a hybrid – with your own team accessing your zAppDev development environment alongside CLMS operatives.

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